Assign a complex value to a variable.

The {% with %} tag assigns the result of a variable expression to a new variable. This is useful when accessing an “expensive” method (e.g., one that hits the database) multiple times. The {% with %} tag is often used in conjunction with the search model m.search.

For example:

{% with m.search[{latest cat="news"}] as latest_news %}
  The latest {% latest_news|length %} news articles:
  {% for id in latest_news %}
     {{ m.rsc[id].title }}
  {% endfor %}
{% endwith %}

This outputs the number of latest news articles and also the titles of the news articles. The search is only done once when the {% with %} tag assigns the variable “latest_news”.

Multiple assignments

It is also possible to assign multiple variables with a single with statement, like this:

{% with "value1", "value2" as foo, bar %}
  {{ foo }}
  {{ bar }}
{% endwith %}

This will output value1 value2.

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