Makes a button with an action attached.

This is an easy way to make a button and attach one or more actions or a postback.

For example:

{% button text="Click me" action={alert text="Hello Word!"} %}

This show a button with the text “Click me”. When clicked it will trigger the alert action, showing an alert message with the text “Hello World!”.

Another example:

{% button text="Postback" postback={my_postback arg1=1 arg2=2} %}

When clicked it will call the event/2 function in the controller that served the page. The function will be called as:

event(#postback{message={mypostback, [{arg1,1}, {arg2,2}]},
    trigger=TriggerId, target=TargetId}, Context)

Where TriggerId and TargetId are both the HTML id of the button.

button accepts the following arguments:

Argument Description Example
text The text on the button, defaults to “Submit” text=”click me”
postback An event sent to the delegate or the resource serving the page. postback=”hello”
tag The type of HTML tag that will be created. Defaults to “button”. tag=”a”
delegate The name of the erlang module to be called for handling the postback. delegate=”myresource”
action The action to be triggered when the button is clicked. There can be more than one action argument. action={show target=”msg”}
id Id of the button. id=#submit
class The css class of the button. This argument can be repeated to add multiple classes. class=”submit”
style The css style of the button. style=”color: #fc0”
tabindex The value for the tabindex property. tabindex=1
type The type attribute of the button. type=”submit”
title The title attribute of the button. title=”click to submit”
disabled The disabled attribute of the button, set to true or false. When the button is disabled then the class “disabled” id added to the class list. disabled=true
href The href attribute of the button if tag “a” is used. Defaults to “#”. href=”/foobar”

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