Call an Erlang function.

The {% call %} tag is used to call the render/3 function of the module specified by the argument.

For example:

{% call mymodule a=1 b=2 %}

Will call mymodule:render([{a,1}],[{b,2}], TemplateVariables, Context). Where TemplateVariables is the map with all template variables and Context is the current Zotonic request context.

The render/2 function must return either {ok, IoList} or {error, Reason}.

If {error, Reason} is returned then the Reason is rendered as io_lib:format("~p", [Reason])

For compatibility with Django it is possible to pass a single value instead an argument list:

{% call mymodule with value %}

This will call mymodule:render(Value, TemplateVariables, Context).

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