This tag is the placeholder where all generated JavaScript scripts will be output on the page.

Zotonic generates JavaScript for the actions and other template logic. This script needs to be added to the page. The {% script %} scomp designates the place where the <script> element with all the generated javascript can be placed.

Normally the {% script %} scomp is placed at the end of the page, just above the </body>.

Note that all JavaScripts generated after the {% script %} scomp will not be included in the generated page. Only a single {% script %} scomp is allowed on any page.


    {# at the bottom of the template ... #}
    {% script %}

This will generate something similar to:

<script type='text/javascript'>
$(function() {

$('#vtretq').bind('click', function(event) { window.location = "/admin/edit/647"; return z_opt_cancel(this); } );
z_default_form_postback = "bVcYISt9JOG/AQZkP9SOZmc//GqDaAVrAAZzdWJtaXRkAAl1bmRlZmluZWRkAAl1bmRlZmluZWRqZAANcmVzb3VyY2VfcGFnZQ==";

Note that the contents of this block will be completely different per page.

The script scomp can have the following arguments:

Argument Description Example
nostartup Exclude the page initialization code from the script, only includes the scripts from actions etc. Default is to include the page initialization code. nostartup
nostream Do not start the bi-directional communication layer (over WebSockets or comet). nostream
format Select a different format than the <script/> tag. For now this accepts "html" (for the <script/> tag), "escapejs" for an escaped javascript string, and "js" for a normal javascript string. Default is "html". format=”html”

WebSockets / Comet communication

Unless nostream is added as a parameter, this tag also causes the WebSockets or Comet communication layer to be initiated.

When available, a WebSocket connections is opened, otherwise a long polling Comet connection is started. The WebSockets connection will also be used for sending Ajax requests to the server.

See also Transport for details on the bi-directional communication.

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