Define a block in a template and overrules a block from an inherited template.

The block tag is used for replacing blocks in inherited templates.

For example, when we have a template base.tpl, in which we define a block called name:

Hello {% block name %}my{% endblock %} world.

And we define a second template, page.tpl, which extends the first template:

{% extends "base.tpl" %}
{% block name %}Peter's{% endblock %}

Then the result of rendering page.tpl will be:

Hello Peter's world.

If we do not include the block definition, so page.tpl just contains the extends tag:

{% extends "base.tpl" %}

then the output will be:

Hello my world.

The name of a block must be a valid identifier, consisting of alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9) and the underscore charater.

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