The fileuploader controller is used to upload parts of a file.

For uploading data it accepts a POST with two arguments:

  • name is provided by the model/fileuploader/post/new method and uniquely identifies the file being uploaded.
  • offset provides the start point of the uploaded segment in the file. The size of the segment is derived from the uploaded data.

The body should be of application/octet-stream type with binary data.

The result is a JSON, describing the current status of the uploaded file.

Use a GET for fetching the status of an upload, only the name argument is needed.

    "result": {
        "filename": "test.jpg",
        "is_complete": false,
        "missing": [
                "size": 10,
                "start": 0
        "name": "WZkhXoaMwrK2StUHmdpp",
        "received": 0,
        "size": 10,
        "upload_url": "https://zotonic.test:8443/fileuploader/upload/WZkhXoaMwrK2StUHmdpp"
    "status": "ok"

Status "error" is returned if the name is unknown or any error occured.

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