Serve a static page or pages.

With this controller it is possible to add a folder with static files as a sub-site to your Zotonic site. Add the folder and all files to a directory in your template directory or your site’s directory and define the directory in a dispatch rule.

Example dispatch rule:

{oldsite, ["old", '*'], controller_static_pages, [{root, "priv/old_site"}]}

When a file a.txt is requested this resource will check for a.txt and a.txt.tpl. When it finds a .tpl file then that file be handled as a template. All dispatch configuration variables are available in the template.

Directories will be redirected to the directory name with a / appended. The resource serves the file index.html or index.html.tpl for the directory contents. If these are not found, it will give a 404 page, unless the allow_directory_index option is set; in which case a directory listing is displayed.

It has the following dispatch options:

Option Description Example
root Name of the directory in the site directory containing the static files. The root is a path name relative to the current site’s base directory or {files, "some/path"} for a path relative to a site‘s files directory. {root, “priv/oldsite”}
use_cache Whether or not served files are cached in memory for an hour. Defaults to false. Use this for high-volume traffic when the files themselves do not change often. {use_cache, true}

Whether or not to serve a directory listing when no index file is found. Defaults to false. The directory index is rendered using directory_index.tpl.

New in version 0.9.

{allow_directory_index, true}

This resource does not handle any request arguments.

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