Resource will be deleted. This notification is part of the delete transaction, it’s purpose is to clean up associated data.
Resource is read, opportunity to add computed fields Used in a foldr with the read properties as accumulator.
Fetch the data for an import of a resource. Returns data in the format used by m_rsc_export and m_rsc_import.
Foldr for an resource insert, these are the initial properties and will overrule the properties in the insert request. Use with care. The props are the…
Map to signal merging two resources. Move any information from the loser to the winner. The loser will be deleted.
Signal that a resource pivot has been done.
Send a notification that the resource ‘id’ is added to the query query_id.
An updated resource is about to be persisted. Observe this notification to change the resource properties before they are persisted.
An updated resource has just been persisted. Observe this notification to execute follow-up actions for a resource update.
Upload and replace the resource with the given data. The data is in the given format. Return {ok, Id} or {error, Reason}, return {error, badarg} when the data…

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