Check the length of a text input.

Test if the length of the input’s value is more than a minimum and/or less than a maximum length.

Arguments are minimum and maximum. You can give either or both arguments.

For example, a summary that is neither too long nor too short:

<textarea id="summary" name="summary"></textarea>
{% validate id="summary" type={length minimum=20 maximum=200} %}


Argument Description Example
is Use when the value must be a specific length. is=4
minimum The minimum length of the value. minimum=4
maximum The maximum length of the value. maximum=10
wrong_length_message Message for when the length is unequal to the value of the “is” argument. Defaults to “Must be . characters long.”  
too_short_message Message for when there are not enough characters entered. Defaults to “Must not be less than . characters long.”  
too_long_message Message for when there are too many characters entered. Defaults to “Must not be more than . characters long.”  

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