Support for custom client-side (JavaScript-based) validators.

This call simply adds a z_add_validator() JavaScript call which adds a custom validator based on the arguments given in the validator.


<input type="text" name="foobar" id="foobar" value="" />
{% validate id="foobar" type={custom against="window.validate_foobar"} %}

And then validate_foobar is defined as follows:

function validate_foobar(value, args, isSubmit, submitTrigger)
    // ... some logic to check the value
    return true or false;

The args are available if the validation is added using the LiveValidation JavaScript API.

isSubmit is true if the validation is triggered by a form submit, if it was triggered by change or focus events then it is false.

submitTrigger is the DOM tree node triggering the possible form submit.

Note that this validation does not do any server side validation. Because there is no server side validation, the value of the input element is not available via z_context:get_q_validated/2 but only via z_context:get_q/2.

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