Publishes a message on the topic tree of the current page.


{% button text="Hello" action={publish topic="some/topic" js_msg="Hello World!"} %}

When clicked, the message set to the message "Hello World!" is published.

Another example, now publishing a more complex message:

{% button text="hello" action={publish topic="some/topic" foo="bar" spam="eggs"} %}

When clicked, the message set to the message {foo: "bar", spam: "eggs"} is published.

Prefix the topic with bridge/origin/ to relay it to the topic tree on the server.

Argument Description Example
topic The topic of the message. topic=”test”
js_msg Literal javascript message to publish. Will be escaped. js_msg=”Hello World”
<key> A literal javascript value, will be escaped and added to object spam=”eggs”

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