Show possible selections whilst typing.

Performs a search for the typed text whilst typing in an input field. Shows possible matching pages in a selectable list.


<form method="get" action="/search">
  <input type="search" id="person" name="person" value="" />
  <ul id="suggestions"></ul>
  <input type="hidden" id="person_id" value="" />
  {% wire id="person" type="input"
          action={typeselect cat="person"
                             action_with_id={with_args action={set_value target="person_id"} arg={value select_id}}

This is a rather complicated example. It connects the typeahead action to the input element. The list of suggestions will be shown in the <ul/> with id suggestions. Only pages in the category person will be found.

The listed suggestions will have two actions attached. One action will set the value of the hidden input element person_id to the id of the selected suggestion (which is a page). The other action will submit the form.

The action_with_id arguments are always performed before the action arguments.

The typeselect action accepts the following arguments:

Argument Description Example
target The id of element that will show the list of suggestions. target=”mylist”
cat The category for the searched pages. This argument can be repeated. cat=”text”
template Template used to show the list of possible pages. This defaults to the template “_action_typeselect_result.tpl”. The template gets the following arguments: result (list of ids), action_with_id and action. template=”_show_suggestions.tpl”
action_with_id Actions executed when a suggestion is selected. The id of the selected page will be added as the id parameter. This argument can be repeated. action_with_id={postback postback=”page_select”}
action Actions executed when a suggestion is selected. This list is executed after the action_with_id actions. This argument can be repeated. action={slide_up target=”form-id”}

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