Fetch media ids that are embedded in the body, body_extra and text blocks of your page.

This filter lets you loop over every image that is embedded in the texts of the given page:

{% for media_id in id|embedded_media %}
    {% media media_id width=315 extent %}
{% endfor %}

Note that all translations of the texts are checked. This makes it possible to add language-dependent media (with a text, or video) without them showing up as extra depictions with other translations.

There is an optional (boolean) argument to only fetch media ids from the body and body_extra properties:

{% for media_id in id|embedded_media:0 %}
    {% media media_id width=315 extent %}
{% endfor %}

You can also fetch all media ids embedded in a text:

{% for media_id in id.body|embedded_media %}
    {% media media_id width=315 extent %}
{% endfor %}

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urlize HTML without_embedded_media

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