Show the admin dialog for creating a new resource.

When the resource is created, the user is redirected to the admin edit page. This action exports a postback called new_page which is used to create the page:

{% wire id=#form type="submit"
      postback={new_page subject_id=subject_id predicate=predicate redirect=redirect
                        actions=actions callback=callback}

This postback has the following arguments:

  • subject_id + predicate: Create an edge from the given subject to this new page, using the given predicate.
  • redirect: Boolean flag whether or not to redirect to the edit page. Defaults to true.
  • actions: Any actions to perform after the resource is created.
  • callback: JavaScript function to call when the subject edge has been created.
  • objects: A list of [object, predicate] pairs which are created as outgoing edges from the new page to the given objects. The object can be a resource ID or a resource name. Example:
objects=[ [m.acl.user, "author"] ]

creates an “author” edge from the new page to the currently logged in user.

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