Replace $N placeholders in string from a list of replacement values.

The input string is searched for any $N tags, which is replaced with the N’th value from the list of arguments supplied to the filter.

Example usage:

{{ "Replace $1 and give it some $2."|replace_args:["item", "meaning"] }}

Will result in: “Replace item and give it some meaning.”

The $N tag may be escaped by \ to avoid replacement.

N may be in the range [1..9]. If N is out of range of the provided args, the $N tag is left as-is.

The $N tags may come in any order, any number of times.

When replacing a single tag, the replacement argument may be given directly:

{{ "John is $1"|replace_args:"the one" }}

Outputs: “John is the one”

New in version 0.8.

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