Renders a template on the server and opens a full screen overlay with the HTML output of the template.


{% button text="show story" action={overlay_open template="_story.tpl" id=1234} %}

This opens an overlay over the current content. The template _story.tpl will be rendered with the argument id (and possibly any other arguments). The rendered html will then be shown inside the overlay.

The overlay template is a div with the class modal-overlay. Extra classes can be added using the class argument:

{% wire action={overlay_open template="_splash.tpl" class="splash"} %}

The overlay action has the following arguments:

Argument Description Example
template Template to render in the overlay template=”_overlay.tpl”
class Extra CSS class(es) to add to the overlay diff. class=”myclass other”
level Nesting of the overlay. Non negative integer, higher numbered levels are displayed above lower levels. Special level "top" to force display on top, above all dialogs and other overlays. level=”top”

All (extra) arguments are passed to the rendered template.

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