Show a readable version of a date/time difference.

Translates the difference between two dates into a simple readable string like “2 minutes, 10 seconds ago”.

Optionally takes an argument with the date to compare against, which is by default the current local date/time.


{{ my_date|timesince }}

When “my_date” is {{2008,12,10},{15,30,0}} and the current date/time is {{2009,11,4},{13,50,0}} then this outputs “10 months, 24 days ago”. When the time value is in the future then it outputs a string like “in X minutes”.

This function does not take daylight saving changes into account.

Extra arguments

The timesince filter can take several extra arguments, in the order of arguments:

  • Base date to use. Useful to show the difference between two dates, defaults to now
  • Text to use for the relative time designations, defaults to "ago,now,in"
  • Format for the printout. Now two options 1 and 2, for the number of components shown. For example 2 will show 2 minutes, 10 seconds ago where 1 will show 2 minutes ago


Show the time between creation and modification of a resource:

{{ id.created|timesince:id.modified:"":1 }}

This might display something like:

10 days

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