Show a JavaScript confirm message and on confirmation triggers one or more actions and/or sends a postback to the server.


{% button action={confirm
                  text="Format hard disk?"
                  ok="Go Ahead!"
                  action={growl text="Better not"}

Shows a JavaScript dialog with the question “Format hard disk?”. If this dialog is confirmed then the growl message “Better not” will appear. If the dialog is denied or canceled then nothing happens.

If there is a postback defined then the event handler for the postback will be called like:

event(#postback{message=Message, trigger=TriggerId, target=TargetId}, Context).

Confirm accepts the following arguments:

Argument Description Example
text The text to be displayed. text=_”The answer to life and the rest?”
title Title above the alert, defaults to _"Confirm" title=_”Rescue the world, with an answer”
ok The text of the ok button, defaults to _"OK" text=”42”
cancel The text of the cancel button, defaults to _"Cancel" text=”No, thanks for the fish”
text_template Template used to render the text, all action arguments are passed to the template. text_template=”_fancy_confirm.tpl”
action One or more actions to be executed on confirmation. This argument can be repeated. action={alert text=”you said ok”}
on_cancel One or more actions to be executed on cancelation on_cancel={alert text=”you said cancel”}
postback Event to be sent back to the server if the ok button is clicked. postback=”clicked_confirm”
delegate Erlang module handling the postback. Defaults to the controller generating the page. delegate=”my_event_module”
is_danger If the ‘ok’ button should be flagged as dangerous. is_danger
level Nesting of the dialog. Non negative integer, higher numbered levels are displayed above lower levels. Special level "top" to force display on top. level=”top”

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