Updates the content of an HTML element with a template or a literal HTML text.


<div id="mydiv"><p>Bye Bye.</p></div>
{% button text="hello" action={update target="mydiv" text="<p>Hello World!</p>"} %}

When clicked, the contents of the div will be set to the HTML fragment <p>Hello World!</p>. This replaces any content present.

Another example, now rendering a template:

<ul id="mylist"><li>Some item</li></li>
{% button text="hello" action={update target="mylist" template="_list_item.tpl" id=42} %}

This updates the <ul/> with the output of the template _list_item.tpl. All arguments to the update action are also arguments to the template.

Argument Description Example
target The id of the element receiving the rendered HTML. target=”my-view”
text Literal HTML text to be inserted, no escaping will be done. text=”Hello <b>World</b>”
template Name of the template to be rendered. template=”_list_view.tpl”
include_all Add this argument to include all templates with the same name. If not added then the best template will be used. include_all
catinclude Add this argument to use a catinclude instead of a normal include of the template. The id argument must be present for a catinclude to work. catinclude id=1

All other arguments are passed as-is to the included template(s).

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