Enabling Growl Notifications

Using growl outside admin requires some magic to make it work.


Growls provide an unobtrusive way of notifying users of background events or the completion of tasks. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to enable it for your site.


Readers are expected to be familiar with template editing.


Although the magic is quite simple. The missing pieces are a couple of client side scripts, /lib/js/modules/z.notice.js and /lib/css/z.growl.css from mod_base.

In your base.tpl template, include these files using the lib tag:

{% lib "js/modules/z.notice.js" %}

And the CSS:

{% lib "css/z.growl.css" %}

Now you should be able to use growl actions in your templates, example:

{% button action={growl text="hello world"} %}