Reset a user’s password

Emergency password reset when you can’t get into the admin interface.


Sometimes it happens that you want to reset an user’s password from the Erlang shell.


Readers are expected to be familiar with the EShell for running Erlang code interactively.


You can do this from the Erlang shell without using the /admin or the reset-password mail/dialog.

First go to the Erlang shell:

marc$ ./bin/zotonic shell

And then from the Erlang command prompt:

(zotonic@host)1> m_identity:set_username_pw(1234, "username", "password", z_acl:sudo(z:c(yoursitename))).

Where 1234 is the id of your user (this must be an integer), yoursitename is the name of your site.


If you get the error:

{error, admin_password_cannot_be_set}

That means you are trying to change the password for the admin (user 1). The admin password is not set in the database: you need to define your admin password in the site’s config file, use the property admin_password. For more info on this, see Anatomy of a site.