ACL options

Authorization checks to perform, in addition to the acl_action dispatch option, can be given in the acl dispatch option, and accepts the following options:

ACL option Description Example
is_auth Disable anonymous access to this resource. {acl, is_auth}
logoff Log out user before processing the request. {acl, logoff}
{Action, Resource} Check if user is allowed to perform Action on Resource. The example is equivalent to the options {acl_action, edit}, {id, my_named_page}. {acl, {edit, my_named_page}}
[{Action, Resource}] A list of checks to be performed, as above.
{acl, [
    {view, secret_page},
    {update, 345}
ignore Don’t perform any access control checks. Be careful to add your own checks in the rendered template and all its included templates. {acl, ignore}

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