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Our Team

Meet the people who bring you Zotonic.

The team behind Zotonic is experienced and inspired.

We have software architects with more than 25 years of software experience.

A front-ender who knows every trick in the HTML, Javascript and CSS books.

A software engineer who knows everything from the bits and bytes of the machine to the clouds in the sky for the bird eye view.

A media expert with experience in almost every form of media publishing and web site coding.

A project manager and entrepreneur with a passion for beautiful technology.

And last, but not least, we are actively supported by Maximonster Interactive Things (the developers of  LearningStone and MaxClass) and the cool design firm Mannschaft.

  • Marc Worrell

    Lead architect of Zotonic.

    Marc runs his own software firm in Amsterdam and is the CTO of Maximonster. Before starting his current company he was the CTO and owner of Mediamatic Lab. At Mediamatic he was the architect and the lead developer of the information management system anyMeta. Which is in use for around fifty web sites.

    Before Mediamatic, Marc worked on media management solutions with Oracle, Sybase and Verity. He also made assembler generators and compilers for embedded systems.

  • Arjan Scherpenisse

    Core developer.

    Arjan is an experienced software developer, with a strong interest in the web and scalable systems. In the Zotonic project, he's responsible for core Zotonic components like the services API and its OAuth layer.

    Besides Zotonic, Arjan works as a new media artist and researcher in the field of free software and open hardware.

  • Maas-Maarten Zeeman

    Core developer.

    Maas is always looking for new elegant way to program things. Before discovering the merits of Erlang and functional programming he was working with Python. Currently he is working for a small startup named Channel Me to create in interactive co-browsing solution based on Zotonic. We will launch soon!.

    Before Channel he worked for Awanim to create an innovative web-based secure and distributed messaging platform.

    He has also been seen riding a rowingbike for his daily commute.

  • Andreas Stenius

    Core Developer

    Andreas has been into programming and electronics since age 12. For most parts a self-taught enthusiast that got entrepreneurial after high-school. Andreas has consulted for both small and big companies on a wide range of topics. From system documentation, hardware and firmware development, up to server scale applications. His ability to learn new technologies as needed makes Andreas something as contradictory as a broad specialist.

  • Michiel Klønhammer

    Chief of other Things

    Michiel has more than 20 years of online experience as a founder, developer, CEO, project manager, functional designer and  scrum master. After owning and selling a successful online agency, Michiel founded Maximonster and joined the Zotonic team.

  • Peet Sneekes

    Marketing department, Zotonic evangelist

    Peet is just this guy, you know. Seriously: he's former programmer with a passion for media, mainly helping this product out with bad puns and screencasts.

    Was the first to run Zotonic on FreeBSD. Otherwise dedicating his spare time to moving media content, inspiration and general distrac ... he, look at that!

  • Atilla Erdodi

    Core developer

    Atilla got his first exposure to Erlang in the RefactorErl project at Eötvös Loránd University. Later he did an internship at Erlang Solutions and a semester of related research at the University of Sheffield. He moved to Amsterdam to study Software Engineering at VU Amsterdam, where he joined Maximonster to work on MaxClass, a social media site built with Zotonic.

    Currently he works with (big) data at a travel startup, and developing the soon-to-be-released eCommerce module for Zotonic on the side.

  • Tim Benniks

    Front-end engineer

    Tim is interface designer and was one of the principal authors of Zotonic. He mainly develops websites and easy interfaces to give applications a gentle face. His interests go out to solid (and semantic) html, interaction design for javascript generated dynamic pages and typography.

    With the latter in mind, he designed and built the initial version of the Zotonic admin area.