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Open Source

Zotonic is available under the Apache License 2. It's our way to say thanks to the giants on who's shoulders we stand.

The Apache License, Version 2.0 basically allows to use the source of Zotonic in any way. You may reproduce it, copy it, change it, redistribute it, wash it, rinse it, or make coffee with it. When you are interested, then you can read the full license.

Build upon Open Source

Zotonic is Open Source itself, but it also builds on top of some great Open Source projects. It would not have been possible to make Zotonic without the projects on the right.

Our gratitude and thanks go to the authors and the countless contributors of these projects.

  • Webmachine

    Webmachine handles the HTTP protocol for Zotonic. Webmachine is made by Basho.

  • Nitrogen

    Nitrogen is an Erlang framework for highly dynamic web sites.

  • Twitter Bootstrap

    Zotonic's HTML is based on the proven Bootstrap framework, made at Twitter. Bootstrap is made up of simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions.

  • jQuery

    jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library.

  • erlang-oauth

    OAuth library for Erlang.

  • MochiWeb

    MochiWeb is an Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers.

  • epgsql — PostgreSQL driver

    epgsql Is a pure Erlang database driver for PostgreSQL.

  • ErlyDTL

    ErlyDTL is an Erlang implementation of the Django Template Language.

  • gen_smtp

    A generic Erlang SMTP client and server framework that can be extended via callback modules in the OTP style.