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The Making Of: Zotonic - The Movie

21 January 2013

So there we were: Five people, in a room with bright lights, a camera, lots of microphones and everybody a bit anxious to tell the story of Zotonic.

Get a glimpse of our day, 'shooting' Zotonic the Movie in the time lapse below. It sure was a lot of fun to make, but also a lot of repetition. We really hope you like the end result at http://zotonic.com/themovie .

Why make a movie?

We thought the best way to convey the strengths of Zotonic in a quick and interesting way would be in a video. So we decided to do so and asked Peet to help us out. Within a couple of days we had a script and just a few days before the end of 2012 we filmed the video. 

Although we're no professional actors, we hope to convey the strengths of Zotonic in a fun and captivating way. Oh, this is the entire team:


Marc and Arjan pointing to the amazing chart, proving Zotonic is the fastest and rock stable web framework in existence.  

  Watch  the "making of" here


So, what's the deal with 'Mike' and that phone?

Hello, Mike

In " Erlang - The Movie " Mike Williams (co inventor of Erlang) illustrates the power of Erlang with his colleague Joe Armstrong (middle guy in photo above, also inventor of Erlang) by calling each other a couple of times and viewing the realtime Erlang logs of these calls.

Erlang The Movie has become a well known and some what campy example of Erlang promotion. It's also a quite insightful video on the workings of Erlang. 

What's next?

This video is not the end of Zotonic support and promotion. We're planning to make more videos of other elk to help you to get started and to get to know Zotonic more intimately. Stay tuned by following us @zotonic on twitter.