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Zotonic - The Movie

Zotonic proudly presents 'Zotonic - The Movie'. In this movie we show you why Zotonic is the right web framework and content management system for your needs.

 Watch it here on on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9cmWJvXIj4

Get to know some people behind Zotonic

Actors in Zotonic The Movie

Marc Worrell and Arjan Scherpenisse are two of the people behind Zotonic. In the movie they explain how Zotonic will be exactly what you're waiting for. Check out the entire team on the team page .

Charlotte was gracious enough to help us out with making the movie. Make sure to check out Charlotte's website (not yet built in Zotonic).

Special thanks

Michiel Klønhammer made this movie happen together with our brilliant director, editor and sound guy Peet Sneekes, of Pet Project Labs .


Of course this movie is about Zotonic, the Erlang Web Framework and Content Management System. With Zotonic every developer can quickly create an ultra stable, high performance web application.

A web framework and a content management system

Zotonic Screenshot compilation
With Zotonic's built in content management system you can easily maintain your website. Want to give it a spin? Check out our demo-website !

Zotonic is ultra fast!

Zotonic Speed Chart
Zotonic deliverers the fastest responding and rock stable websites you'll ever see. Want some proof? Check out our performance measurements . Don't be shy and push Zotonic to even higher speeds.

Extend Zotonic how you like

Zotonic is built to be extended. Pretty much everything in Zotonic is a Module . We already made lots of modules for API's like Facebook, or Twitter and for sending and receiving e-mail.  Are you missing something? Build it and make Zotonic even better. It's as easy as Pi.

Zotonic is build on Erlang

Building Zotonic with Erlang was a deliberate decision. It's fault tolerant, scalable and all code can be upgraded without downtime, which is pretty handy when you can't afford any. We also believe Erlang ensures a certain quality guarantee for your product and for your developers skills.

Hi Mike, we are Erlang fans

Mike from 'Erlang - The Movie'

The 'bit' with the telephone and 'Hello Mike' is a quip from ' Erlang - The Movie ', where Erlang is explained by 'Mike'.

Young, Serious and Open Source with conviction

Zotonic is a young project, but from the beginning it has been operational for several mission critical web sites. It's not a pet project, it's a serious business project.

It's also Open Source, published under the Apache 2 licence . We believe that's the best way to continuously extended and improved the project with the best developers from all around the world.

Front end development made easy

We enhanced the Django Template Language. We made a version of DTL that's complete, fast and consistent. It'll make implementation for any platform a breeze.

Get all the documentation

Of course Zotonic is well documented, so you can start right away. Check out our documentation to get started, or to dive right into the depths of Zotonic.

Need support, or the latest updates?

For support you can reach us in our Google user and developer-groups . Make sure you catch the latest via twitter @zotonic .