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  • group_by

    Groups items of a list by a property.

  • if

    Selects an argument depending on a condition.

  • in_future

    Tests if a date is in the future.

  • in_past

    Tests if a date is in the past.

  • insert

    Inserts the argument in front of the value.

  • is_a

    Filter a list of resource ids on category, or test if a single resource id…

  • is_defined

    Tests if a value is defined.

  • is_undefined

    Tests if a value is not defined.

  • is_visible

    Filter a list of resource ids so that only the visible ids remain.

  • join

    Joins the elements of a list.

  • last

    Returns the last character or element.

  • length

    Returns the length of the value.

  • length_is

    Tests if the length of the value is equal to the argument.

  • linebreaksbr

    Replaces newlines with <br/>.

  • ljust

    Left justify a text.

  • lower

    Translates the value to lower case.

  • make_list

    Forces the value to a list.

  • match

    Match a value with a regular expression.

  • member

    Finds a value in a list.

  • menu_trail

    Returns the trail of menu parents in the main menu for the given ID.

  • ne_day

    Tests if two dates are not equal.

  • nthtail

    Returns the nth tail of a list.

  • pprint

    Pretty print a zotonic value in a template.

  • rand

    Generate a random number.

  • random

    Return a random entry from a list.

  • randomize

    Shuffles a list

  • replace

    Regular expression replacement of a pattern with a string.

  • replace_args

    [0.8+] Replace $N in string from a list of replacement values.

  • reversed

    Reverse a list.

  • rjust

    Right justify a text.

  • show_media

    Convert the image markers in HTML from the richtext editor into image tags.

  • slugify

    Converts a text into a slug.

  • split_in

    Split a list in shorter lists.

  • stringify

    Show a simple value.

  • striptags

    Removes all HTML tags from the value.

  • sub_day

    Subtracts a day from a date.

  • sub_month

    Subtracts a month from a date.

  • sub_week

    Subtracts a week from a date.

  • sub_year

    Subtracts a year from a date.

  • tail

    Fetch the tail of a list.

  • timesince

    Show a readable version of a date/time difference.

  • to_json

    Display any value as in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

  • truncate

    Truncate a text to a maximum length.

  • twitter

    Format plain text tweet into HTML.

  • unescape

    Removes HTML escaping from a text.

  • upper

    Translates the value to upper case.

  • urlencode

    Make a text safe for URLs.

  • utc

    Translates a datetime from local time to UTC.

  • vsplit_in

    Split a list in shorter lists.

  • without_embedded_media

    Filter out media that is embedded in the body of your page

  • yesno

    Show a boolean as a text.