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Event driven

Event driven AJAX web applications without the Javascript pain.

Click a button and an event is generated. Submit a form and an event is generated. Actions on the web page generate events. Events to reload parts of your page, to open dialogs, to do anything.

All events are queued and asynchronously handled by the server. You don't have to wait for one event to be finished before another one can fire.

On the server, events are delegated to the routines that want to handle them. It is easy to write modular code.

The server sends back Javascript. That means that you don't need to handle JSON or XML. You don't need to write Javascript. You don't need to add templates in Javascript. The server handles it. The server has your templates. You only need to write them once.

You can write Javascript. When you want. And you can still hook it up in the event system. There is even an API you can get your JSON from. When you want.