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Solid programming language

Zotonic is programmed in Erlang, a language made for fast, non-stop, fault-tolerant applications. Ideal to build high load, never break websites in.

Erlang is fast becoming a popular language for web infrastructure. You see it mentioned and used more and more where scaling, multiprocessing and distributed programming are needed.

It is the most used language for distributed databases, it is used for the facebook chat system and you see it at many other places.

And from now on you will see it used for the front end of web sites as well.

And Erlang is a very easy language to learn and program in. You will like it, dive in!

Want to know more? Read the Erlang white paper.

Why Erlang?

You can read our long answer to this question.

The short answer is that we got frustrated to wait for a HTML page when our computer could resize images, run photoshop, render a movie and whatnot. All in the same time we were still waiting for our tiny HTML page.

We had to make a better CMS. One that grows with the hardware. One that scales with the amount of cores. And one that doesn’t need to reinterpret its code and go search for the database on every single request.

A new CMS that serves more pages per Watt.

The methods are long running processes, multi-threading, caching and localization of data.

The programming language that has proven to do that all is Erlang. And it is also functional, which is fun because it makes coding easier, faster and less error prone.