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Flexible datamodel

Define your own data categories and relations.

Someone once said “everything is a thing”. And he was right.

In Zotonic everything is a page

Pages have a number of characteristics:

  • as many properties (fields) as you want
  • relations with other pages, forming a directed graph of pages
  • all the relations have a meaning, a predicate
  • a page is part of exactly one category
  • categories are pages
  • predicates are pages

The consequence is that you can add as many categories and predicates as you want. And that every category and predicate has a page on the Internet.

It makes editors happy

The editorial interface is very simple and straight forward. In fact Zotonic only needs one edit screen as everything is a page. This makes editing the site a dream.

Editors do not have to search through menus to find the correct editing option for changing some field. Instead they can concentrate on the text and relationships between texts, they can concentrate on what they want to express.

It is awesome for the template builder

As everything is a page you can start with defining a single page template. From that moment the site can display all pages the editors are making.

Then step by step the template builder can introduce new specialized views for categories and sub-categories. He can do this by extending the basic page template and just redefining what is different.

It makes programmers smile

They only have to deal with one kind of data. One kind of URL. One kind of API. Their life just got a whole lot easier.