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Modules are the building blocks of Zotonic.

Examples of modules are the /admin site, Atom feeds, the sitemap.xml, video embed code handling and SEO optimization.  Modules also augment the functionality of other modules by adding extra templates and accompanying logic or adding handlers for internal Zotonic events. Good examples are the modules extending the mod_admin.

A module is a gen_server with accompanying templates, Webmachine resources, dispatch rules and more, all contained in a single directory.

The page Module structure has more information about the internals of a module.

Looking for more modules?

Check out the Zotonic Module Index, an index with user-contributed modules which are not part of the core Zotonic distribution.

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  • mod_admin_identity

    Provides "identity management" in the admin - for example the storage of…

  • mod_emailer

    [up to 0.6] Sends e-mail using SMTP or sendmail.

  • mod_facebook

    Plugs into the authentication / signup system to enable Facebook login.

  • mod_import_wordpress

    Import wordpress .wxr files in your site.

  • mod_mailinglist

    Mailing list support.

  • mod_menu

    Defines a simple menu for your site.

  • mod_pubsub

    The pubsub module in Zotonic lets you share resources (content) between…

  • mod_seo_sitemap

    Creates a sitemap.xml file for your site, containing links to all publicly…

  • mod_signal

    Signal and slot mechanism for use in templates.

  • mod_slideshow

    Show a collection as a media item, each part of the collection being one slide…

  • mod_twitter

    Twitter updates in your Zotonic site.