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Zotonic's Hot Features

Zotonic is the content management system for people that want a fast, extensible, flexible and complete system for dynamic web sites. It is built from the ground up with rich internet applications ánd web publishing in mind.

  • Solid programming language

    Zotonic is programmed in Erlang, a language made for fast, non-stop, fault-tolerant applications. Ideal to build high load, never break websites in.

  • Open Source front-end stuff

    Built with jQuery and the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework.

  • Flexible datamodel

    Define your own data categories and relations.

  • Open Source

    Zotonic is available under the Apache License 2. It's our way to say thanks to the giants on who's shoulders we stand.

  • MVC

    Complete separation of model, view and controller has been a best practice for building websites a long time. We embrace MVC and many more best practices to make it easy for you to use the power of Zotonic.

  • Modular

    Easy to extend and change existing functionality.

  • Speed

    Typically 10 times (and much more) faster than PHP content management systems.