Module z_parse_multipart

Parse multipart/form-data request bodies.

Copyright 2007 Mochi Media, Inc.

Authors: Bob Ippolito (, Marc Worrell (


Parse multipart/form-data request bodies. Uses a callback function to receive the next parts, can call a progress function to report back the progress on receiving the data.

Adapted from mochiweb_multipart.erl, integrated with webmachine and zotonic

Function Index

find_boundary/2Find the next boundary in the data.
recv_parse/1Receive and parse the form data in the request body.

Function Details


find_boundary(Prefix, Data) -> any()

Find the next boundary in the data


recv_parse(Context) -> {form(), NewContext}

Receive and parse the form data in the request body. The progress function should accept the parameters [Percentage, Context]


recv_parse(UploadCheckFun, Context) -> {form(), NewContext}

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