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Download Zotonic

The open source version of Zotonic can be downloaded from GitHub.

Get the latest release

Download the latest release of Zotonic from Github as a .zip file.

The latest release of Zotonic is release  0.65.0  Read the release notes .

For running Zotonic you need at least a recent version of Erlang, the ImageMagick tools and the PostgreSQL database installed. Check the installation guide for detailed installation instructions.

Git repository

To run the latest-and-greatest development version of Zotonic, you can check out your own local copy of the Zotonic repository with:

    git clone git://github.com/zotonic/zotonic.git

This will make a complete copy of the "master" branch of the Zotonic repository. Github provides a nice browsable overview of Zotonic's source code and the change logs.

Please check the installation guide for required third party software, build process and configuration.

For bug/feature requests we use Github's integrated issue tracker . We use Google's servers for the  mailing lists .