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Supporting right-to-left languages: Arabic and Hebrew

To support right-to-left languages you need to make some changes to your templates.


Right to left languages are often difficult to support on web sites. Zotonic adds some support to help you.


You need mod_translation enabled and Zotonic 0.8 or later.


Zotonic supports per page translation of content. This means that your page can have a mix of languages.

The idea is to give your <body/> tag the text direction of the main item visible on the page. Individual items, for example in menus or context lists, need their own text direction.

You can specify the text direction element attributes by including a template:

<body {% include "_language_attrs.tpl" id=id %} >

This will generate the following, when Zotonic selected Arabic for the page with id id.

<body xml:lang="ar" lang="ar" dir="rtl" class="rtl">

When you want to add an extra class added to the rtl or ltr class you can use:

<body {% include "_language_attrs.tpl" id=id class="my-body-class" %} >

And when you want to force a specific language:

<body {% include "_language_attrs.tpl" language=`en` %} >


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