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Upgrading to Zotonic 0.7

If you're upgrading to 0.7 from an older release, keep the following in mind.

Removed modules

To make Zotonic more lightweight and remove some of the build dependencies, some infrequently used modules have been removed from the core and moved to their own repository, at http://code.google.com/p/zotonic-modules/.  These modules are:

  • mod_search_solr
  • mod_pubsub
  • mod_slideshow
  • mod_broadcast
  • mod_imageclipper
  • mod_admin_event
  • mod_calendar
  • mod_emailer*

All modules, except mod_emailer can still be easily installed with the help of the "zotonic installmodule" command. The mod_emailer module (and its esmtp library) has been removed in favor of the native SMTP sending/receiving capabilities.

New SMTP architecture

The mod_emailer module has been removed in favor of a separate mail server process and queueing system. For more information please read the e-mail configuration page in the documentation.

The emailq table has become obsolete. You can remove the table from your existing Zotonic database.

Admin password

The admin password is now hardcoded in your site's config file. For sites that are upgrading, you have to add a line to your config file:

{admin_password, "letmein"}

The value in the config file always reflects the current admin password (as opposed to zotonic < 0.6!) and thus the admin password can only be changed by changing it there.

Admin extra richtext fields

If you have extra richtext (tinymce) fields in the admin, you need to rename the class tinymce of the textarea to the class name tinymce-init.

This page is part of the Zotonic documentation, which is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.