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Updating form field from a dialog

Ever wanted to update a form field from a dialog, possibly giving the user some list to choose from? Here's how to do it.


Some interactions benefit from presenting a dialog for input.  This guide explains how to take input in a dialog and have it apply to a form input value.


Readers are expected to understand DOM IDs for uniquely identfying form inputs and also understand advanced usage of Zotonic Template tags.


To be able to update a form field, you need to pass the id of the element you want to update to the dialog. It may look something like:

{% button text="Update field dialog" 
                title="Update form field value" 

Then create your dialog template, my_dialog.tpl in this example, and wire a set_value action to update the input form element.

<a id="my_anchor" href="javascript:void(0)" href="javascript:void(0)">Click here to update form value</a> 
{% wire id="my_anchor" 
        action={set_value target=target_id value="My new value"} 

If you include a template like the one above into your dialog template many times (i.e. from a for loop), then having fixed id's are no good. To prefix the id with a unique value (per invocation of the template) prefix the id with a #-sign. so the a-tag becomes <a id={{#my_anchor}}… and the wire becomes wire id=#my_anchor… which will expand to something like "ubifgt-my_anchor".

This should help get you started.


There are no troubleshooting steps available for this guide.  Please provide any you have learned in the comments below or on the Zotonic Users Group.

This page is part of the Zotonic documentation, which is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.