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Documentation (pre 0.9)

In depth documentation about Zotonic.

These pages give all information needed to get started with Zotonic. There is documentation about the templates, modules and much more.

Listed below are all the major available topics, which include installation, the template language and the various template filters and models that are available. The cookbook section contains step-by-step guides through typical Zotonic subjects.

For more in-depth documentation on the Erlang API level, take a look at the generated Erlang edoc documentation for the core documentation, and the generated documentation for each core module.

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  • General documentation

    How to install and deploy Zotonic, working with different sites in one instance and background info on the data model.

  • Cookbook

    This section contains tutorial-style articles on various Zotonic subjects.

  • Tags

    Tags add logic and flexibility to your templates.

  • Scomps

    Screen components for when tags and included templates are not enough and programming is needed.

  • Filters

    Filters are used to modify values you want to show or use in your templates.

  • Validators

    Validators for HTML form fields.

  • Actions

    Attach AJAX and jQuery handlers to HTML elements and events.

  • URL dispatch rules

    Mapping between URLs and resources.

  • Resources

    Controllers implemented as Webmachine resources.

  • Models

    Models for storing and accessing data.

  • Modules

    Modules are the building blocks of Zotonic.

  • Services

    Services are the entry points to the Zotonic REST-based API.

  • Release notes

    Release notes for the different Zotonic versions.