Auto-generated identifiersΒΆ

If you include a template many times (i.e. from a for loop), then having fixed element identifiers are no good. Zotonic provides a mechanism to generate an identifer which has a unique value within the template.

To prefix the id with a unique value (per invocation of the template) prefix the id with a #-sign:

<div id="{{ #foo }}">

This special notation will replace #foo with an auto-generated identifer, which will expand to something like this:

<div id="ubifgt-foo">

Unique ids can also be generated inside a for loop:

{% for id in mylist %}
  <li id="{{ }}">{{ id.title }}</li>
{% endfor %}

This will generate html like this:

<li id="gdjqa-foo-1234">Some great news</li>

When using a wire tag, that same unique id can be referenced:

{% for id in mylist %}
        <a id="{{ }}" href="#">{{ m.rsc[id].title }}</a>
    {% wire
{% endfor %}

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