Wiring it up: actions and postbacks

Actions are the basis of all interactivity on a Zotonic web page.

A Zotonic Wire is an attached handler to HTML elements and events. A wire indicates that something should happen when the wire is triggered. What should happen, is specified as the action.

The wire scomp attached actions to to HTML elements or Javascript events. In order for any scripts to be generated though the script needs to be included in after your wires.

Actions range from a simple jQuery show to Ajax postbacks that can trigger many other actions. The server can also reply to a postback or Comet push with actions to be executed on the browser.

A simple example is the following:

<a href="#" id="link">Click me!</a>
{% wire type="click" id="link" action={fade_out target="link"} %}

This wires up a link with a fade_out action, so that when the link is clicked, it fades away.

This is obviously a trivial example, but nevertheless demonstrates the power. These actions can be called from the template, but can also be called based on some server-side event that occurs.

Making the templates this way is a different approach from the usual Javascript onLoad() binding of events, but, once you’re used to it, is really simple to use and very, very powerful.

Wiring form submits

A form is wired up in the following way:

{% wire type="submit" id="myform" postback="form_submitted" delegate="mysite" %}
<form id="myform" method="post" action="postback">
    <input name="username" />
    <button>Submit form</button>

This will bind let the form submit over Ajax; the result is that a function will be called in the specified delegate module mysite.erl, called event/2:

event(#submit{}, Context) ->
    io:format("The value of 'username' is: ~s~n", z_context:get("username", Context),

Wiring other events

Writing postbacks

Whenever you want something to happen on the server from an action, you use a postback.

Implementing custom actions

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