Release 0.11.0 (unreleased)


Timezone support was added to the core. All dates are now stored in UTC. Resources with old dates are converted when read, assuming the configured server timezone. You need to set the timezone in the zotonic.config file, for example:

{timezone, “Europe/Berlin”}

A site-specific timezone can de set with the mod_l10n.timezone configuration.

Database driver and pool

The database driver and pool has been replaced by standard epgsql and poolboy. This removes the special Zotonic version of epgsql.

Updated modules

Added timezone support.
Added dispatch debugging and explanation. Added checkbox to disable the api-service /api/development/recompile

New an updated filters

An optional second argument for the timezone has been added.
An optional third argument for the timezone has been added.
An optional second argument is added to specify the text added where the text is truncated.
Truncates a HTML text to a specific length, ensures that all open tags are properly closed.

New notification

Added the notification request_context. This is a foldl with the Context and is called after the request’s query arguments are parsed using z_context:ensure_qs/1. It can be used to perform transformations or actions based on the query arguments.


Rememberme cookie changes
The rememberme cookie (used for automatic logon) is now based on a token instead of the user-id. The token is reset if the user’s password is changed. Cookies set using the previous scheme are invalidated.

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