Presents various tools for development. When this module is enabled, templates are recompiled on each web request.


Do not enable this module on production systems, as it severely impacts performance.

Automatic recompilation

When this module is enabled, it runs an inotifywait program in the background, which watches files in Zotonic and its site for changes. If it detects changes, it performs certain actions.

  • If an .erl file changes, it recompiles it on-the-fly.
  • If a .scss or .less file is touched, it calls lessc to compile it to its .css equivalent.
  • If a template file is added, or a dispatch rule changed, it flushes the cache so the template file or the dispatch rule is found.


Automatic recompilation currently only works on Linux and depends on the inotifywait tool, which is part of the inotify-tools package.

Configuration options

Boolean value. If true, lib files will be included separately instead of in one big concatenated file.

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