Provides “identity management” in the admin - for example the storage of usernames and passwords.

It provides a user interface where you can create new users for the admin system. There is also an option to send these new users an e-mail with their password.

Password Complexity Rules

By default Zotonic only enforces that your password is not blank. However, if you, your clients or your business require the enforcement of Password Complexity Rules Zotonic provides it.

Configuring Password Rules

After logging into the administration interface of your site, go to the Config section and click Make a new config setting. In the dialog box, enter mod_admin_identity for Module, password_regex for Key and your password rule regular expression for Value.

After saving, your password complexity rule will now be enforced on all future password changes.

Advice on Building a Password Regular Expression

A typical password_regex should start with ^.* and end with .*$. This allows everything by default and allows you to assert typical password rules like:

  • must be at least 8 characters long (?=.{8,})
  • must have at least one number (?=.*[0-9])
  • must have at least one lower-case letter (?=.*[a-z])
  • must have at least one upper-case letter (?=.*[A-Z])
  • must have at least one special character (?=.*[@#$%^&+=])

Putting those rules all together gives the following password_regex:


To understand the mechanics behind this regular expression see Password validation with regular expressions.

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