Serve css, javascript and simple images.

This controller is used to serve files and images, which are located under the the lib/ folder of modules and sites.

Multiple files can be served as one file; the controller can combine them in one single request. See the lib tag for more information. Javascript files are concatenated with a semi-colon and newline, all other files are concatenated with a newline character between the files.

This controller serves all files with a very long client-side caching time. It also handles if-modifies-since checks, and sends 301 Not Modified responses when appropriate. It alsocompresses the served files using gzip when the browser supports it.

When serving multiple files, the Modified: response header will be set to the modification date of the newest file.

Example dispatch rule:

{lib, ["lib", '*'], controller_lib, []}

controller_lib has the following dispatch options:

Option Description Example
root List of root directories where files are located. Use ‘lib’ for the library files. This defaults to the lib directory. {root, [“/var/www/css/”]}
content_disposition If the file should be viewed in the browser or downloaded. Possible values are inline and attachment. Defaults to the browser’s defaults by not setting the “Content-Disposition” response header. {content_disposition, inline}
use_cache Use server side caching of files. Especially useful when gzip-compressing files or serving many combined css or javascript files. Less useful when a proxy cache like Varnish is used. Defaults to false. {use_cache, true}

controller_lib does not handles any query arguments other than the file path.

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