HTTPS support

HTTPS support for Zotonic versions 0.9 and up is handled by mod_ssl. It allows each Zotonic site to configure HTTPS support, which runs on a different port for each site (due to the limitations of HTTPS).

Configuring HTTPS for Zotonic 0.8.x and below

Generate an RSA key and aquire the signed certificate. Also I used this simple doc to get proper private key and CSR. Of course, you can also buy the certificate at your favorite CA.


The lines below are really just for Zotonic <= 0.8; they don’t have any effect in 0.9 and up! Use mod_ssl instead.

Add to Zotonic’s priv/config file several lines:

{ssl,          true},
{ssl_certfile,   "priv/ssl/mysite.pem"},
{ssl_keyfile,    "priv/ssl/mysite.key"},
{ssl_cacertfile, "priv/rapidssl.crt"}

If your certificate is protected by a password, you can also set it:

{ssl_password,   "secret"},

Finaly, add {ssl, true} arguments to each dispatch rule that you want to protect:

{home,   [],   resource_home,   [{ssl, true}, ...]},

This causes Zotonic to switch to the HTTPS version of the URL. You need to adjust this for each dispatch rule you want to protect.

Finally, restart Zotonic. You should be set!

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