How to add a custom Content BlockΒΆ

Zotonic comes with a number of standard content blocks: Header, Text and Embed page. Additional content blocks are provided by modules, for example mod_survey uses content blocks extensively for composing surveys. Content blocks allow a content manager to add sophisticated sections of content, perhaps with configuration options. They could be used for design reasons e.g. for multi-column layouts, image carousels or floating elements. This cookbook item describes how to add a simple custom content block.

In order to add a custom content block, we need to register it, by editing an erlang file and adding two templates. For this tutorial we’ll add a content block which inserts the code for a music player from, a Creative Commons music hosting site.

To register the content block we add an observe_admin_edit_blocks/3 function to the site’s erl file e.g. zotonic/priv/sites/mysite/mysite.erl:

%% support functions go here


observe_admin_edit_blocks(#admin_edit_blocks{}, Menu, Context) ->
         {100, ?__("Media", Context), [
             {music_player, ?__("Music Player", Context)}
     | Menu

The interesting parts are "Media", "Music Player" and music_player. "Media" will appear as a section heading in the [+add block] drop down menu, below the Standard section. "Music Player" will appear below this, and is what the content editor clicks on to instert the block. The music_player atom is what Zotonic uses to figure out which templates to use, they will be created in templates/blocks and will be called _admin_edit_block_li_music_player.tpl and _block_view_music_player.tpl.

As the name suggests, _admin_edit_block_li_music_player.tpl is the template used on the edit form:

{% extends "admin_edit_widget_i18n.tpl" %}

{% block widget_title %}{_ Block _}{% endblock %}
{% block widget_show_minimized %}false{% endblock %}
{% block widget_id %}edit-block-{{ #block }}{% endblock %}
{% block widget_header %}{% endblock %}

{% block widget_content %}
Music Player
{% endblock %}

For the purpose of demonstration, we extend the admin_edit_widget_i18n.tpl template and use some template blocks.

This is all you need to be able to add a block to the edit form. If you update your site and restart you should now be able to select the new block. It just doesn’t display anything yet so let’s add _block_view_music_player.tpl:

<iframe id="widget" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="400"
        height="284" style="width: 400px; height: 284px;"

As you can see, this is simply the embed code taken from for a particular album.

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