Filing issues

Whenever you encounter a bug in Zotonic, please do the following:

  • Search the current issue list to see if the bug you’re experiencing is already reported.
  • If not, search the mailing list and the documentation for references, to see if other people experience the same or if you’re the first.
  • If you did not find anything, you can file a bug report on github.

In the issues, please state the nature of the problem in a clear and reproducible way.

Try summarizing the problem in a single sentence and use that as the issue title. In the text area below, please elaborate on the issue, adding the relevant log sections, etc.

Please also state the following:

  • Zotonic version you’re using
  • Whether you are running Zotonic from git or from a downloaded release
  • Operating system
  • Erlang release
  • ... anything that comes to mind that might be relevant, really.

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