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What the community is saying

Zotonic contributors are really, really inspired. We believe we’re working on something important. But hey… that’s just us. We compiled a few nice things being said about us. If you would like to say something nice too, please don’t be shy, send it to us.

I love the approach of the modules; each module is an OTP application with some Zotonic sprinkled over it. Erlang is getting a LOT of attention and Zotonic is on the correct track! We are in San Antonio, Texas at Rackspace headquarter and when I pull up MaxClass it's as fast as if it
were a local installation.  Amazing.
Kai Johnson, Rackspace, USA

Zotonic is an exceptional framework for building dynamic content-heavy websites. It does this so well because it is so well focused on this purpose.
Developer, USA

Zotonic is the fastest way to get real websites that normal people can keep fresh with content. And by fastest I don't just mean time to launch I also mean time to load for customers visiting those sites. Zotonic bends to your design needs in ways I hadn't imagined possible with an elegance that suggests it was built for that site alone. In all ways that matter to a pragmatic web developer or entrepreneur, Zotonic comes out on top.
Alain O'Dea, software developer , Canada

Coming from a Drupal / Wordpress environment, Zotonic has been a breath of fresh air. The blistering speed and countless features have quite literally blown me away!
Tom Bradley           , developer, United Kingdom

Zotonic is Erlang powered. It means I can scale, distribute  and add more functionality when I need it. Also Zotonic has a lot of ready made features already comes in as one big package. What else can I say  :-)
Kunthar, Developer, Turkey

It's Erlang. Of course it is great.
Atilla Erdodi, Software developer, Hungaria

Zotonic is great: Speed. Multisite, Template system. Extendible, JS integration.
Heiko Irrgang, Zotonic user, Webmaster, Germany

As a founder of a tec start-up I have been totally impressed with the speed and stability of Zotonic. Last month we hit 100% uptime.
Michiel Klønhammer, founder of MaxClass, The Netherlands

I really like Zotonic as a CMS. I love the Simple Stuff That Works philosophy. Please always remember that! I love its performance and efficiency; I can host more than twice as many sites on a VPS using zotonic than with any other platform.
Simon Smithies, webmaster, content manager, USA

All in all I love Zotonic and I think it is being developed with great care, ingenuity, and creativity. There are many aspects that I like about Zotonic. I think the out-of-the-box comet and websockets is awesome. Combined with observe/notify, signal/slots creating really cool responsive applications is a snap. I love the postback and event model to handle requests and updates.
Jeff Bell, USA

Great technology stack (erlang, postgresql, varnish, webmachine, mochiweb, bootstrap, solr)  and great architecture (MVC, module system, django-based templating system, event-driven, triple store)
Natxo Cabré, France

Speed, blazing speed.
Peet Sneeks, Consultant, The Netherlands

I like the choices of technology, the ability to easily install and setup. I also like the module model and that it provides simple helper functions to add custom data to the CMS model. It also has enough freedom to really do what ever you want in the plugin. Also, the modeling of the content structure with the predicates and categories; especially the modeling of the predicates. Of course it's also great to know a site can scale well and handle a reasonable amount of traffic.
Anon, developer

There are many CMS/Frameworks out there, but Zotonic is built on Erlang. I think functional languages are the way of the future.
Mike Depot, IT manager, Comcast, USA

Zotonic inherits the power of Erlang: to do much in little code!
Behrad Zari, backend developer, Iran

I like it ;) It's faster than ruby alternatives; the inherent clustering of environment is convenient.
Mark Washeim, developer, Germany

Zotonic is rock solid.
Developer, France



If you would like to say something nice too, please don’t be shy, send it to us.