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[01:30:48] <z-bot> [mvw] hi
[01:34:27] <z-bot> [mvw] good night
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[15:42:18] <z-bot> [kaos] Hi mvw, I'm a zotonic dev.. ;)
[15:42:51] <z-bot> [mvw] one sec
[15:42:52] <z-bot> [kaos] and now that z-bot has been restarted, there's also Marc and Maas idling in the jabber room..
[15:44:27] <z-bot> [mvw] i am working on a freebsd port
[15:44:45] <z-bot> [mvw] i am not sure if this is a good idea
[15:45:09] <z-bot> [mvw] because it seems i show spend more time to get into zotonic first, but now it is too late, i started it
[15:45:20] <z-bot> [mvw] s/show/should/
[15:45:27] <z-bot> [mvw] :-)
[15:45:54] <z-bot> [mvw] so far it is able to get into a more or less working version
[15:46:24] <z-bot> [mvw] i am not sure how to proceed now
[15:47:06] <z-bot> [mvw] the port is missing the installation phase and a couple of stuff to make it more easy use
[15:47:23] <z-bot> [mvw] zotonic itself is not working fully
[15:47:53] <z-bot> [mvw] e.g. i just tried out the admin interface to change the text in the blog sample and now all images are not displayed anymore which is weird
[15:48:28] <z-bot> [mvw] also the unit tests are a pita
[15:49:13] <z-bot> [mvw] i have it running on a remote sever without x11, and much in the project is taylored to run on localhost, like those unit tests
[15:49:42] <z-bot> [mvw] i kind of don't like to install x11 on the box and cygwin on my win7 terminal machine .)
[15:53:29] <z-bot> [mvw] regarding the bugs it would be helpful to know if i can increase debug level and where to look for errors, for example the missing images i hope should result in some error message somewhere.
[15:54:32] <z-bot> [mvw] regarding finishing the install phase of the FreeBSD port (= a makefile plus some extras to grab, build and install software on a FreeBSD box) I need some insight into rebar and how installation was intended
[15:56:34] <z-bot> [mvw] a classical freebsd port builds first in its work directory and then during install moves all to the final install dirs
[15:57:10] <z-bot> [mvw] when i look at the rebar/zotonic system it seems just to build where the source was checked out and that it is
[16:06:12] <z-bot> [mvw] too much? :-)
[16:06:42] <z-bot> [mvw] groot hapje.
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[16:14:48] <z-bot> [kaos] ah, quite a few points there.. :)
[16:15:32] <z-bot> [kaos] first, regarding testing, that is an area that is sourly lacking behind at the moment.
[16:15:48] <z-bot> [kaos] I'm not sure what state the unit tests actually are in, nor how often anyone runs them..
[16:16:07] <Maas10911> Pff, they fail.
[16:16:38] <z-bot> [kaos] heh.. figures, if they're rarely run, it would be strange if they didn't..
[16:17:06] <z-bot> [mvw] the problem is i fight too many foes
[16:17:07] <z-bot> [kaos] but I feel the whole setup would need a bit revamping to make it more attractive to use on a regular basis (as in, on every commit, at least)
[16:17:30] <z-bot> [mvw] the unit test would help to ensure find the freebsd specific problems
[16:17:41] <z-bot> [mvw] some examples:
[16:17:44] <z-bot> [kaos] mvw, do you have a working zotonic installation on a FreeBSD system that you've built manually?
[16:18:04] <z-bot> [kaos] I guess that would be a first before getting down to building a port for it..
[16:18:11] <Maas10911> :-) currently you need a sandbox database to be able to run the unit test. They are more like functional tests.
[16:18:29] <z-bot> [mvw] {expected,<<"Arjan Scherpenisse ">>}, {value,<<"Arjan Scherpenisse">>}]}
[16:18:31] <z-bot> [mvw] yes
[16:18:54] <z-bot> [mvw] @kaos: it is running in the work dir
[16:19:17] <z-bot> [mvw] that means fetching / patching / build work mostly
[16:19:46] <z-bot> [kaos] ok
[16:19:59] <z-bot> [mvw] @Maas: i lost time when i found out the testsandbox changes port 8000 to 8040
[16:20:26] <z-bot> [mvw] my foes are: understand freebsd 9 adminstration (e.g. i had some issues to fix there like short hostname lookup)
[16:20:43] <z-bot> [mvw] understand default erlang layout on a freebsd box
[16:20:50] <z-bot> [mvw] and of course zotonic madness itself
[16:21:24] <z-bot> [kaos] for any image related issues, it is not uncommonly related to imagemagik in one way or another..
[16:21:54] <z-bot> [kaos] (missing libs for imagemagik or a dated version)
[16:22:14] <z-bot> [mvw] i just edited a page within the admin interface, that the images vanish afterwards is really strange - some reindex?
[16:22:51] <z-bot> [kaos] that sounds strange, indeed.
[16:22:52] <z-bot> [mvw] root@quadfork:/usr/ports/www/zotonic/work/zotonic # pkg_info | grep ImageMagick ImageMagick- Image processing tools
[16:23:36] <z-bot> [mvw] i am sure it will boil down to trivial bugs in the end
[16:24:56] <z-bot> [mvw] what is the reference system to build/run zotonic?
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[16:26:48] <z-bot> [kaos] not sure there is a given reference system.
[16:27:15] <z-bot> [kaos] the core team uses mainly linux for both development and production, I think.
[16:27:44] <z-bot> [kaos] Mac OS is used as well (not sure how regularly)
[16:27:48] <z-bot> [mvw] hm
[16:27:58] <z-bot> [mvw] that is close to a freebsd
[16:28:23] <Maas10911> I develop on osx, but with vagrant on a virtual box
[16:28:26] <z-bot> [kaos] yeah, shouldn't be any serious issues with it, as far as I know (not used FreeBSD myself, though).
[16:28:31] <Maas10911> with ubuntu
[16:29:02] <z-bot> [mvw] do you guys just check out and do the rebar build or do you move the resulting system elsewhere after?
[16:29:07] <z-bot> [kaos] I'm on Fedora.. I even got it running on Windows in the past (but that was a year ago, so it's not up-to-date)
[16:29:36] <z-bot> [kaos] checkout and build for me
[16:30:41] <z-bot> [kaos] for what you are asking, I think a release tool would be nice to use, like relx or similar..
[16:30:51] <z-bot> [kaos] but we've not looked into that yet..
[16:31:32] <z-bot> [mvw] i could go for two roads, i think
[16:31:53] <z-bot> [mvw] 1. build everything with rebar in the work then move it myself to the final various /usr/local/* places
[16:32:19] <z-bot> [mvw] 2. check out the stuff under /usr/local/* and then to do rebar and let it stay there
[16:32:58] <z-bot> [mvw] for 1. i must experiment if it is possible to just move the resulting stuff and see if it works in another place
[16:33:38] <z-bot> [mvw] for 2. i must be halfways sure if the resulting rebar layout agrees to the freebsd standard erlang layout (which doesn't exist i fear :-)
[16:34:52] <z-bot> [kaos] well, zotonic isn't 100% erlang app compliant..
[16:35:19] <z-bot> [mvw] anything particaular?
[16:36:19] <z-bot> [kaos] basically there's a whole bunch of folders in zotonic root dir that might be needed to be moved into the priv dir to be compliant..
[16:36:48] <z-bot> [mvw] that would made it OTP conform?
[16:37:05] <z-bot> [kaos] but I'm afraid you'll stumble upon a whole bunch of subtle issues if you start moving parts of the system..
[16:37:14] <z-bot> [mvw] hm i am just interested that it works and won't violate too much freebsd dir layout policies
[16:37:27] <z-bot> [kaos] you need to know which parts are not needed
[16:37:35] <z-bot> [mvw] additonally to the weird stuff i see already :)
[16:37:44] <z-bot> [kaos] ok
[16:38:08] <z-bot> [kaos] no idea what policies there might be, but if you put it into a app specific folder under /usr/local/ shouldn't that be enough?
[16:38:37] <z-bot> [mvw] i have to talk with the freebsd committers to find out about that
[16:38:50] <z-bot> [mvw] there are only about 5 erlang ports yet
[16:38:57] <z-bot> [kaos] sounds like a plan :)
[16:38:57] <z-bot> [mvw] i tried looking hard at them
[16:39:17] <z-bot> [mvw] and still don't know if there is something like an intended default structure
[16:40:17] <z-bot> [mvw] i am not even sure if more than 10 guys use erlang on freebsd .)
[16:44:53] <z-bot> [mvw] root@quadfork:/usr/ports/www/zotonic/work/zotonic/deps/eiconv # ./rebar eunit ==> eiconv (eunit) Compiled src/eiconv.erl Compiled src/iconv.erl Compiled test/eiconv_tests.erl eiconv_tests: ascii_to_utf8_test...*failed* in function eiconv_tests:ascii_to_utf8_test/0 (test/eiconv_tests.erl, line 15) **error:{badmatch,{error,einval}} eiconv_tests: iso8859_15_to_utf8_test...*failed* in function eiconv_tests:iso8859_15_to_utf8_test/0 (test
[16:44:59] <z-bot> [mvw] hm
[16:45:06] <z-bot> [mvw] doesn't format
[16:45:23] <z-bot> [mvw] Failed: 3. Skipped: 0. Passed: 2.
[16:45:45] <z-bot> [mvw] this the present result for the eunit test in deps/eiconv dir
[16:45:53] <z-bot> [mvw] what does it yield for you guys?
[16:52:19] <z-bot> [mvw] ok, thanks for chatting, see you later
[17:00:14] <Maas10911> Yeah, the decision core in the new elli_machine can create a 200 response.. with a simple controller. 😊
[17:00:29] <Kaos> For the record, here's what I get running the eiconv tests:
kaos@cypher ~/src/zotonic/deps/eiconv ((2f9f89e...))
$ make test
=INFO REPORT==== 18-Nov-2013::16:58:32 ===
application: inets
exited: stopped
type: temporary
==> eiconv (compile)
==> eiconv (eunit)
Compiled src/iconv.erl
Compiled src/eiconv.erl
Compiled test/eiconv_tests.erl
All 5 tests passed.
[17:00:34] <Kaos> Maas10911: cool :)
[17:01:20] <Maas10911> Nice, next, preparing input... cooking..
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