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Arjan has set the subject to: Zotonic - The Erlang Web Framework & CMS
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[21:01:22] <steffen.hanikel> hi, I tried installing zotonic on my ubuntu 12.04 machine
[21:01:56] <steffen.hanikel> using the provided script, but the server doesn't respond after starting
[21:02:28] <steffen.hanikel> I'm a little tight on memory, could that be the issue?
[21:09:36] <steffen.hanikel> works now :) just the firewall and port dual use
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[22:33:39] <z-bot> [kaos] mawuli, by force, are you refferring to the --force flag to git? then I'd say no. In case there was some modifications applied by the user, would be sorry to loose them.
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